Participants around the world

Did you know…?

14 students and 6 experts from 4 time zones participated in July. While some were sipping their morning coffee in Sydney, the others had a glass of wine in Düsseldorf!

Sharing experiences

FEEDBACK ROUND – via Zoom on July 24th 2020

Work places and window views during the week

Cologne: View on the Mauritius-Church and Cologne Cathedral
Düsseldorf: Another Summer School-view on St. Philip’s Church in Düsseldorf Lörick

Düsseldorf: View on the grid-like scaffold of the Heinrich-Heine-University during construction works
Frankfurt a. M.: Skyline-view on so-called ‚Main-hatten‘ (play on words between Main river and the Manhattan-like skyline)

Impressions from the group work

Team Topology: Helene Haarnagel, Frances Lazare, Ines Lange, Stefan Haas
Team Collectivity / Diversity: Maddy Henkin, Dino Gooß, Paulina Menke, Valentina Bay
Team Materiality / Production: Annika Hardy, Michelle Seifert, Andrew Ward, Andrea Strehl



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