Group Work


Team: Helene Haarnagel, Frances Lazare, Ines Lange, Stefan Haas

Hence, in analysis I hypothesize a social space that is characterized by material and symbolic components. 1

Martina Löw 2016

‚Mapping out‘ the physical space of Coenties Slip and it’s surrounding:

Art Works related to their site of production:

Zooming in from physical to social space: Living places and relocations at Coenties Slip

1 Martina Löw: The Sociology of Space. Materiality, Social Structures, and Action, New York 2016, 6.


Team: Maddy Henkin, Dino Gooß, Paulina Menke, Valentina Bay


Team: Annika Hardy, Michelle Seifert, Andrew Ward, Andrea Strehl

We have been seen new expressions in many new media, and that is expected. But to see a new and original expression in a very old medium, and not just a new form, but a complete a new form in each piece of work is wholly I’m looked for, and that is a wonderful and gratifying experience.

Agnes Martin